Old-Fashioned Christmas Featured on Celeste Jones’ Blog!

My story “Old-Fashioned Christmas” is being featured on Celeste Jones’ “Spanking Story Book Club” today, Friday December 20th.  Log in and comment there if you’ve read the book!


Update about “Old-Fashioned Christmas”

I am NOT having a good old-fashioned Christmas.  I guess I’m getting switches in my stocking from Amazon.  

In conjunction with my publisher at Blushing Books, we made the decision to remove the book from Amazon temporarily and re-release it with the author name “Nickie Flynn.”  The OTHER Nikki Flynn had re-leased some titles that were not something I wanted to be confused with, including one that had gotten ONE one star review that contained the phrase “the worst book I ever read.”    

Unfortunately, when Amazon processed the re-release, they applied an “adult content” tag to the book.   According to Bethany, she’s never seen a book with a cover and contentImage like mine get the adult tag.  She’s shocked.   

My book sold SO well in the first 48 hours and now, since this tag has been applied to it, we’ve sold almost nothing.  Very disappointing.  

Bethany is trying to get the tag removed now.

Old-Fashioned Christmas Release

oldfasionednew150x225  My first erotic spanking title is now live from Blushing Books, and I’m very excited.  I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I’ve already gotten some nice emails and an invitation to participate in a “blog hop.”   I’m going to say yes to that, even though I’m not sure what I  am going need to do!

I am in conversations with Bethany at Blushing Books, unfortunately, about making some changes.  First, the title of Old-Fashioned Christmas.  I originally submitted it to be published on Bethany’s Woodshed and at the time neither one of us thought about the title.   Now that it’s on Amazon, though, and there are dozens and dozens of books and CDs, all with “Old-Fashioned Christmas” in the title, we’re worried the book is getting lost.

There are two more books planned, “Old-Fashioned Valentine’s Day,” and “Old-Fashioned Weddings”  so if I’m going to change the title, now is the time.

THEN – to make things worse – when I originally published to Bethany’s Woodshed, there were no other authors using the name “Nikki Flynn.”  Though a penname, this is close to my real name and I wanted to use it.  Well, in the last few months another Nikki Flynn has published to Amazon – with titles like “Mounting a Cougar” and “The Hung Office Hunk.”  Neither of these are by me, and I now think I should make a change….

Old-Fashioned Christmas is available at these places:


Barnes and Noble

Blushing Books